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The US Youth Soccer New Mexico Open State Cup is a part of the State, Regional and National Championship Series program of US Youth Soccer. Annual winners of each age/gender group from the 14 National State Associations in the West Region advance to the Far West Regional Tournament in June of each year. Regional winners U-13 through U-19 advance to the annual US Youth Soccer National Championship Tournament.


The 2022 US Youth Soccer New Mexico Open State Cup will be held May 14th, 2022 - May 22nd, 2022, at the NM Soccer Tournament Complex in Bernalillo, NM. Winning teams (U-13 through U-19) will represent New Mexico at the 2022 Far West Regional Tournament, hosted by the Idaho Youth Soccer Association, in Boise, Idaho June 20-26, 2022 (see the "Regionals" page for additional information).  The U-12 State Cup Champions will qualify for the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships in Phoenix, AZ,  June 15-19, 2022.  This will be a 9v9 event for West Region U12 State Champions.

2022 State Cup Application and Payment link on GotSport
(Entrance Fee for all teams this year is $950 plus merchant fees of $28.50)

Please note that Late Applications or Payments (Starting on April 5th) will be subject to a $100/Day fine for up to 5 days ($500), after 5 days (April 9th) no late applications will be accepted.

* Application and Payment Deadline: April 4th, 2022

2021 Credentialing Requirements

Red Card Suspensions to be served at 2022 State Cup

* GotSport Registration Instructions

2022 State Cup Accepted Teams 

* 2022 State Cup Brackets (Draw Results)

Final State Cup Roster deadline: April 10th, 2022

 * Host Hotel Information for State Cup (TBA)

* 2022 State Cup Tournament Rules 

* (U12 SC rosters must have 7 players from the league roster and at every stage of the NCS)

* 2021 Parent/Spectator Expectation Letter

* 2021 State Cup Welcome Letter 

Field Marshal Responsibilities 

* State Cup Roster Limits
U12 LIMIT 16 Players (Can increase to 18 for Regionals)
U13 - U19 LIMIT 22 Players

*Scheduling Requirements

*2021 US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules

*2021 State Cup Schedules and Results

*Additional materials will be posted here as they are developed*     

2021 US Youth Soccer NM Open State Cup photo album:

sc21-4563Description: sc21-finals-4563
sc21-4566Description: sc21-finals-4566
sc21-4571Description: sc21-finals-4571
sc21-4573Description: sc21-finals-4573
sc21-4576Description: sc21-finals-4576
sc21-4579Description: sc21-finals-4579
sc21-4583Description: sc21-finals-4583
sc21-4585Description: sc21-finals-4585
sc21-4588Description: sc21-finals-4588
sc21-4590Description: sc21-finals-4590
sc21-4594Description: sc21-finals-4594
sc21-4595Description: sc21-finals-4595
sc21-4600Description: sc21-finals-4600
sc21-4603Description: sc21-finals-4603
sc21-4604Description: sc21-finals-4604
sc21-4609Description: sc21-finals-4609
sc21-4610Description: sc21-finals-4610
sc21-4612Description: sc21-finals-4612
sc21-4616Description: sc21-finals-4616
sc21-4637Description: sc21-finals-4637
sc21-4653Description: sc21-finals-4653
sc21-4654Description: sc21-finals-4654
sc21-4655Description: sc21-finals-4655
sc21-4657Description: sc21-finals-4657
sc21-4659Description: sc21-finals-4659
sc21-4663Description: sc21-finals-4663
sc21-4664Description: sc21-finals-4664
sc21-4667Description: sc21-finals-4667
sc21-4669Description: sc21-finals-4669
sc21-4674Description: sc21-finals-4674
sc21-4676Description: sc21-finals-4676
sc21-4679Description: sc21-finals-4679
sc21-4680Description: sc21-finals-4680
sc21-4688Description: sc21-finals-4688
sc21-4689Description: sc21-finals-4689
sc21-4693Description: sc21-finals-4693
sc21-4699Description: sc21-finals-4699
sc21-4703Description: sc21-finals-4703
sc21-4719Description: sc21-finals-4719
sc21-4729Description: sc21-finals-4729
sc21-4731Description: sc21-finals-4731
sc21-4735Description: sc21-finals-4735
sc21-4745Description: sc21-finals-4745
sc21-4746Description: sc21-finals-4746
sc21-4749Description: sc21-finals-4749
sc21-4752Description: sc21-finals-4752
sc21-4758Description: sc21-finals-4758
sc21-4766Description: sc21-finals-4766
sc21-4791Description: sc21-finals-4791
sc21-4797Description: sc21-finals-4797
sc21-4803Description: sc21-finals-4803
sc21-4804Description: sc21-finals-4804
sc21-4812Description: sc21-finals-4812
sc21-4813Description: sc21-finals-4813
sc21-4824Description: sc21-finals-4824
sc21-4833Description: sc21-finals-4833
sc21-4841Description: sc21-finals-4841
sc21-4842Description: sc21-finals-4842
sc21-4865Description: sc21-finals-4865
sc21-4869Description: sc21-finals-4869
sc21-4870Description: sc21-finals-4870
sc21-4878Description: sc21-finals-4878
sc21-4880Description: sc21-finals-4880
sc21-4882Description: sc21-finals-4882
sc21-4890Description: sc21-finals-4890
sc21-4900Description: sc21-finals-4900
sc21-4902Description: sc21-finals-4902
sc21-4913Description: sc21-finals-4913
sc21-4931Description: sc21-finals-4931
sc21-4938Description: sc21-finals-4938
sc21-4944Description: sc21-finals-4944
sc21-4946Description: sc21-finals-4946

2021 State Cup champions:

 U-12 Boys:  Rio Rapids SC 09
Camera icon for team photos
 U-12 Girls:  AUFC 09 Thorns
Camera icon for team photos
 U-13 Boys:  NM Soccer Academy 08 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-13 Girls:  Rio Rapids 08G Camera icon for team photos
 U-14 Boys:  Rio Rapids SC 07B
Camera icon for team photos
 U-14 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 07G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-15 Boys:  NM Rush 06 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-15 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 06G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-16 Boys:  Rio Rapids SC 05 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-16 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 05G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-17 Boys:  NM Rush 04
Camera icon for team photos
 U-17 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 04G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-18 Boys:  NM Rush 03
Camera icon for team photos
 U-18 Girls:  AUFC 03 Thorns
Camera icon for team photos
 U-19 Boys:  NM Soccer Academy 02 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-19 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 02G
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State Cup results (by year):  2021, 2019, 20182017, 201620152014, 2013, 20122011, 2010, 20092008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

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