New Mexico State Cup
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                                    2021 New Mexico Open State Cup

The US Youth Soccer New Mexico Open State Cup is a part of the State, Regional and National Championship Series program of US Youth Soccer. Annual winners of each age/gender group from the 14 National State Associations in the West Region advance to the Far West Regional Tournament in June of each year. Regional winners U-13 through U-19 advance to the annual US Youth Soccer National Championship Tournament.

The 2021 US Youth Soccer New Mexico Open State Cup will be held May 2, 2021 and May 9th, 2021, at the NM Soccer Tournament Complex in Bernalillo, NM,  in a tournament format rather than the traditional State Cup format due to the pandemic. Winning teams (U-13 through U-19) will represent New Mexico at the  2021 Far West Regional Tournament, hosted by the Idaho Youth Soccer Association, in Boise, Idaho June 21-27, 2021 (see the "Regionals" page for additional information).  The U-12 State Cup Champions will qualify for the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships in Salt Lake, UT,  June 14-20, 2021.  This will be a 9v9 event for West Region U12 State Champions.

Age group State Champions advancing to the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships must pay their own entry fee. ( U12 - $1400, U13-U19 - $1600)


2021 State Cup Schedules and Results 

2021 Credentialing Requirements

Red Card Suspensions to be served at 2021 State Cup

* 2021 GotSport Registration Instructions

2021 State Cup Application and Payment link  on GotSport
(Entrance Fee for all teams this year is $500)
(Application and Payment Deadline April 9th) Note: Late Applications may be subject to a $100/Day fine for up to 5 days ($500), after 5 days no late applications will be accepted. 

2021 State Cup Accepted teams 

2021 State Cup Brackets (Draw Results)

Final State Cup roster deadline: U12-U19 Divisions - 3PM on April 15, 2021 

Team formation deadline: April 5, 2021* Host Hotel Information for State Cup (TBA)

* 2021 State Cup Tournament Rules and 2021 SC Modifications due to COVID

* (U12 SC rosters must have 7 players from the league roster and at every stage of the NCS)

* Parent/Spectator Expectation Letter

State Cup Welcome Letter 

Field Marshal Responsibilities 

* State Cup Roster Limits
U12 LIMIT 16 Players (Can increase to 18 for Regionals)
U13 - U19 LIMIT 22 Players

*2020 Scheduling Requirements

*2021 US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules

*Additional materials will be posted here as they are developed
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2021 US Youth Soccer NM Open State Cup photo album:
(please be patient while photo album images load)


sc21-4563Description: sc21-finals-4563
sc21-4566Description: sc21-finals-4566
sc21-4571Description: sc21-finals-4571
sc21-4573Description: sc21-finals-4573
sc21-4576Description: sc21-finals-4576
sc21-4579Description: sc21-finals-4579
sc21-4583Description: sc21-finals-4583
sc21-4585Description: sc21-finals-4585
sc21-4588Description: sc21-finals-4588
sc21-4590Description: sc21-finals-4590
sc21-4594Description: sc21-finals-4594
sc21-4595Description: sc21-finals-4595
sc21-4600Description: sc21-finals-4600
sc21-4603Description: sc21-finals-4603
sc21-4604Description: sc21-finals-4604
sc21-4609Description: sc21-finals-4609
sc21-4610Description: sc21-finals-4610
sc21-4612Description: sc21-finals-4612
sc21-4616Description: sc21-finals-4616
sc21-4637Description: sc21-finals-4637
sc21-4653Description: sc21-finals-4653
sc21-4654Description: sc21-finals-4654
sc21-4655Description: sc21-finals-4655
sc21-4657Description: sc21-finals-4657
sc21-4659Description: sc21-finals-4659
sc21-4663Description: sc21-finals-4663
sc21-4664Description: sc21-finals-4664
sc21-4667Description: sc21-finals-4667
sc21-4669Description: sc21-finals-4669
sc21-4674Description: sc21-finals-4674
sc21-4676Description: sc21-finals-4676
sc21-4679Description: sc21-finals-4679
sc21-4680Description: sc21-finals-4680
sc21-4688Description: sc21-finals-4688
sc21-4689Description: sc21-finals-4689
sc21-4693Description: sc21-finals-4693
sc21-4699Description: sc21-finals-4699
sc21-4703Description: sc21-finals-4703
sc21-4719Description: sc21-finals-4719
sc21-4729Description: sc21-finals-4729
sc21-4731Description: sc21-finals-4731
sc21-4735Description: sc21-finals-4735
sc21-4745Description: sc21-finals-4745
sc21-4746Description: sc21-finals-4746
sc21-4749Description: sc21-finals-4749
sc21-4752Description: sc21-finals-4752
sc21-4758Description: sc21-finals-4758
sc21-4766Description: sc21-finals-4766
sc21-4791Description: sc21-finals-4791
sc21-4797Description: sc21-finals-4797
sc21-4803Description: sc21-finals-4803
sc21-4804Description: sc21-finals-4804
sc21-4812Description: sc21-finals-4812
sc21-4813Description: sc21-finals-4813
sc21-4824Description: sc21-finals-4824
sc21-4833Description: sc21-finals-4833
sc21-4841Description: sc21-finals-4841
sc21-4842Description: sc21-finals-4842
sc21-4865Description: sc21-finals-4865
sc21-4869Description: sc21-finals-4869
sc21-4870Description: sc21-finals-4870
sc21-4878Description: sc21-finals-4878
sc21-4880Description: sc21-finals-4880
sc21-4882Description: sc21-finals-4882
sc21-4890Description: sc21-finals-4890
sc21-4900Description: sc21-finals-4900
sc21-4902Description: sc21-finals-4902
sc21-4913Description: sc21-finals-4913
sc21-4931Description: sc21-finals-4931
sc21-4938Description: sc21-finals-4938
sc21-4944Description: sc21-finals-4944
sc21-4946Description: sc21-finals-4946

2021 State Cup champions:

 U-12 Boys:  Rio Rapids SC 09
Camera icon for team photos
 U-12 Girls:  AUFC 09 Thorns
Camera icon for team photos
 U-13 Boys:  NM Soccer Academy 08 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-13 Girls:  Rio Rapids 08G Camera icon for team photos
 U-14 Boys:  Rio Rapids SC 07B
Camera icon for team photos
 U-14 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 07G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-15 Boys:  NM Rush 06 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-15 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 06G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-16 Boys:  Rio Rapids SC 05 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-16 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 05G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-17 Boys:  NM Rush 04
Camera icon for team photos
 U-17 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 04G
Camera icon for team photos
 U-18 Boys:  NM Rush 03
Camera icon for team photos
 U-18 Girls:  AUFC 03 Thorns
Camera icon for team photos
 U-19 Boys:  NM Soccer Academy 02 Boys
Camera icon for team photos
 U-19 Girls:  Rio Rapids SC 02G
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State Cup results (by year):  2021, 2019, 20182017, 201620152014, 2013, 20122011, 2010, 20092008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

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