NMYSA Accidental Insurance: 

1.  Complete NMYSA Injury Report Form 
and send directly to NMYSA

2.  Filing a Soccer Related Injury Claim:

The NMYSA accident insurance benefit is a secondary insurance policy with a $500.00 deductible.
How to file a claim:  The team coach or league/club official must report the injury of the registered player, participating in a sanctioned event to the league Registrar/Risk Manager, (in accordance with league policies) or direct to the State Office, as soon as possible following the incident.  Insurance claims must be filed within 90 days of the incident.  The league registrar/official reports the injury in writing to the NMYSA State Office via the “NMYSA Injury Report” form located on the NMYSA website at under forms. Upon receipt of the injury report, the NMYSA office will mail claim instructions to the injured member/member’s parents.  The member parent or guardian will file a claim on the Player’s Health site at  The NMYSA State Office will verify the claim information through the Player’s Health portal.  Member/member’s parent will be contacted by Player’s Heath Claims Administrator to gather necessary information for the claim.  Member parents will then communicate directly with Player’s Health concerning the claim.   

Accident Insurance Policy is with :
Player’s Health
718 Washington Ave N Ste 402
Minneapolis, MN 55401612-217-8701

Player's Health Insurance Claims:
NMYSA Certificates of Liability:
Leagues and Clubs needing Certificates of Liability Insurance. Please go to   to complete your request.

Any other Insurance information, please contact NMYSA at 505-830-2245.

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