NMYSA Mid School League


We are excited to partner with APS and International Development Academy to host the New Mexico Youth Soccer "Middle School Soccer league".  This program is available as a result of  the "Innovate to Grow"grant awarded NMYSA from the United States Soccer Federation, USSF.  We look forward to providing an opportunity for many Middle School aged children to learn and play the beautiful game of soccer!  

Participating Schools

Game Schedules by Date

Game Schedules by School

Game Schedules/Scores (to be updated weekly)

League Laws of the Game

Playoff Information

APS Attendance Form

APS Parent Pick Up Form


We have arranged bus transportation for all away games with Sanchez Bus Company for the Wednesday games and Herrera Bus Company for Thursday and Friday games.  Sanchez is able to pick up teams at 3:30 so please have your teams ready for pickup at that time on Wednesday away game days.  For Thursday and Friday away games, Herrera cannot pick up until between 3:40-3:45 on Thursdays and 4:00-4:15 on Fridays so please have your teams ready for pickup on Thursday away game days by 3:40 and Friday away games at 4:00.  If your bus is not there by 4:15 PM, please contact the opposing teams coach, (list emailed to coaches).  You may also contact the bus company direct, Sanchez 505-877-0697 or Herrera 505-242-1108.

Please note, home games for the following schools are played at offsite locations indicated below.

Cleveland home games will be at Del Norte High School
Madison home games will be at Sandia High School
McKinley home games will be at Villela Park
Hillerman home games will be at the APS Soccer Complex
LBJ home games will be at Mariposa Park


All Girls team games will begin at 4:15 pm followed by Boys games beginning at 5:40 pm.  Game lengths will be two 35-minute halves with a 10-minute half time period.  This will apply to all games except for the Garfield games in Group D.  Garfield Middle School was only able to form a Boys team so if you are in group D and scheduled to play Garfield, only your boys team will play at 4:15 pm and your girls team will have a bye. 


We will be using a USSF certified assignor to schedule referees using a 3-Offical format, (center and 2 assistant referees).  Coaches must give the referee a copy of their team roster prior to the start of play.  Please be aware and notify your players and parents that there is a Zero Tolerance policy for referee abuse and referee assault.  All USSF procedures will be followed concerning referees.  Please be assured, referees are human and do make mistakes.  All calls, good and bad are part of the game.  We do not allow game/referee protest.  You can however complete a referee evaluation form which will be reviewed by the USSF Assignor.

Codes of Conduct

Please remember, this league is for the benefit of the students!  Please read the below Codes of Conduct!

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct

Coach/Team Official Code of Conduct

Caution Children Program Overview

Injury/Concussion Protocols

Concussion Policy

Concussion Notice

Injury Report Notice

Contact Information:

Cynthia Grajeda - Student Wellness Coordinator, APS
Email:  grajeda@aps.edu

Linda Sepulveda - Out of School Time Coordinator, APS
Email:  Linda.Sepulveda@aps.edu

Danette Townsend - Community School Manger, APS
Email:  danette.townsend@aps.edu

Gloria Faber - Executive Director New Mexico Youth Soccer
Email:  office@nmysa.net

Roger Baxter - International Development Soccer Academy
Email:  rbnat35@yahoo.com

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