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  • What is esports?

    Esports (electronic sports) is a term to describe competitive video game competitions, often played individually or in teams.

  • What is online gaming?   

    Any time a person plays a video game online for recreation, either individually or in groups.

  • What is NMYSA Esports?   

    NMYSA Esports opens new opportunities for our members to enjoy soccer through video games. With esports, we are enabled to provide virtual soccer experiences that extend off the field and further complement (not replace) our existing programs. Esports also provides inclusivity for members within our community that may be prevented from experiencing traditional soccer by cause of disability, covid-19, or otherwise.

  • What are the benefits of esports?   

    There are a wide range of development and educational benefits for those who play esports – enhanced cognitive abilities, development of 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity), STEM experiences, technological literacy, and social engagement with friends and peers.

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  • How is NMYSA addressing the risks of esports and keeping athletes safe?   

    Many of the risks in esports come from unsupervised and anonymous online environments where youth can be especially vulnerable – interactions with bad actors, predatory risks and grooming, bullying, toxicity, improper health and exercise habits, and limited checks and balances.

    With NMYSA Esports, we are providing a community supported environment for our youth to enjoy their love of soccer and video games, supervised by screened and trained coaches, and balanced by our existing on-field activities and programming.

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  • Is NMYSA Esports COPPA compliant? 

    Yes, NMYSA Esports follows all requirements enforced by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) for children under 13 and obtains verifiable parental consent for all participants.

    Please contact office@nmysa.net for any questions regarding the privacy of your child’s personal information.

  • When will NMYSA Esports events take place?   

    We will be hosting esports events in off-seasons and select times throughout the year to enhance (not replace) our traditional soccer programming and experiences.

  • What esports events will NMYSA be hosting?   

    We will be hosting an annual Esports State Cup competition open to all NMYSA esports clubs and leagues and their members. Additional small-sided tournaments and events will also be featured throughout the year.

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  • Where will NMYSA Esports events be hosted?   

    All NMYSA Esports events will be hosted virtually through our private online community supported by the Esports & Online Gaming Association (ESOGA).

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  • Who can play in NMYSA Esports?   

    Only members of New Mexico Youth Soccer Association may apply. If you are not yet a member and would like to apply, please contact office@nmysa.net for more information.

  • Are there age groups and gender divisions?   

    NMYSA Esports is open to ages 10-18. All genders and ages are treated equitably as there are no physical disparities preventing mixed competition. For any team events where one or more players are partnered together, players can register with their own teammates or request teammates. Players requesting a teammate must be partnered with a player within <2 years of age or as deemed appropriate by a parent or legal guardian.

    When requested, we will work with parents and families to review any special needs or preferences for their player.

  • What video games will be played?

    For the 2022-2023 season, NMYSA Esports will feature Rocket League – an arcade-style soccer game which is free-to-play and available on all modern gaming platforms.

    Additional premium soccer titles such as FIFA are planned for future seasons.

  • What do I need to play?   

    Please review the following requirements to participate in NMYSA Esports.

    • Supported Gaming Device
      PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch

    • Internet Connection

    • Free Rocket League
      Free-to-Play and available on all modern gaming platforms. Online subscriptions such as Xbox Live, Playstation Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online are not required.

    • Free Discord Account
      For players under 13, a parent or legal guardian must be the account owner and user to facilitate communications for their player.

    Please contact office@nmysa.net for any questions.

  • What does it cost to play?   

    The price to compete in NMYSA Esports will vary per event. Please review our event page for more information.

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  • What is the Esports & Online Gaming Association (ESOGA)?   

    The Esports and Online Gaming Association (ESOGA) is a national leader in the grassroots movement of esports providing safe, value-based gaming experiences for communities.

    Learn More About ESOGA

  • What is Community+?   

    Community+ is the software provided to us by the Esports & Online Gaming Association (ESOGA) to allow safe and private communication between our members.

    Learn More About Community+

  • What is Discord?   

    Discord is an online chat application for users to communicate through voice calls, video calls, and text messaging in virtual communities known as “servers”. For additional security, the Community+ platform is integrated directly with Discord to further secure and protect our members.

    Learn More About Discord

  • Can NMYSA clubs and leagues create their own esports events?

    Yes! While NMYSA will be hosting an annual Esports State Cup competition and tournaments, individual clubs and leagues are welcome and encouraged to offer local esports events as well.

    Please contact office@nmysa.net for any questions or assistance getting started.


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