International Clearance

Per FIFA's Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, the international clearance process is required when any foreign-born player is attempting to register with an affiliated club in the United States, regardless of that player's ability or citizenship. NMYSA  is responsible for properly obtaining that clearance on behalf of these players before they can register and participate in an affiliated league.

If a player was born out of the country, the International Transfer Process needs to be completed before the player is registered with a league or club.  Below are the items we need to complete the clearance process with USSF.

1.   Copy of the foreign birth certificate

The foreign birth certificate needs to be translated if it is NOT in English, French, German or Spanish.  A US Youth Translation form  must be completed by an official translator or a teacher of the language on the birth certificate.

2.  If the player is 10 or older,  proof that the player entered the US prior to his/her 10th birthday needs to be submitted.  This can be provided through doctor’s records, immunization records, school records or registration history with NMYSA.

3.  Completed USSF P-10 form

All of this documentation needs to be submitted to NMYSA by email, fax or mail.
    FAX: 505-830-2247
    Address: 2825 Broadbent Pkwy NE, Suite D
                   Albuquerque, NM 87107

*If the player is a US Citizen born outside the United States the First Registration form needs to be completed and submitted to NMYSA along with the player's birth certificate.

*If a player did not enter the US prior to his/her 10th birthday please contact NMYSA for additional information.

The complete USSF rules can be found at

Please contact us at 505-830-2245 if you have any questions.


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