Open Discussion

This page is for feedback and comments from our members. Posted below are proposals and drafts on which NMYSA is soliciting your input and also items which are in the 30-day comment period prior to becoming effective after initial passage by the Board. Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to the State Office or to the specific person listed next to a particular issue as responsible for collating input for that item.

[posted Mar 10, 2015]  NMYSA is proposing a change in the number of players on the field for small-sided games in the U07/08, U-09/10 and U-11/12 age groups.  In anticipation of changes expected as a result of discussions within US Youth Soccer, and to provide more flexibility in team composition, Section 3.10 of our General Procedures and Rules is proposed to be modified to specify a maximum number of players in each age group (rather than a fixed number), and to allow for the option of using a goalkeeper in the U-07/08 age group [proposed wording].  Please send comments on this proposal to the NMYSA State Office within the next 30 days.

Please provide any specific comments on posted discussion items to the State Office for consideration. Revisions are put to a vote at a future Board meeting or to an electronic vote after a 30-day discussion period has elapsed.