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We recognize our strategic partners, sponsors, preferred suppliers and advertisers on this page, with links to their web sites. We are grateful for their support, which helps us bring better programs to the youth of our Association. Please patronize them. You may provide feedback or suggestions about this page or its links to our webmaster . If you are interested in advertising on our web site, please see our on-line rate card.  If  you are interested in advertising in one of our tournament programs, please see our tournament rate card (updated to include information about eProgram cross-platform publication).

Strategic Partners:

sponsor-logo-nmtrue-234x60      New Mexico Tourism

sponsor-acvb-234x60      Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau


sponsor logo - adidas 60x89      adidas

NMYSA Preferred Suppliers:

SPI half banner 234x60     Sport Pins International, Inc.
soccer stop logo 234x59x72     Soccer Stop


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  • SPI