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Welcome to the NMYSA Parent Education page. Here you will find information on current parent education programs, resources and articles concerning parent involvement in youth soccer.

NMYSA Launches Parent Education Program - "Caution: Children @ Play"

Caution children at play

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behavior in the

In various national surveys, behavior was the biggest concern in the game. This included both the abuse of match officials and the unacceptable behavior by overcompetitive parents, spectators and coaches on the sidelines.

The NMYSA “Caution: Children @ Play” program goals are to:

1. Provide all children a positive sports experience free from all forms of abuse
2. Promote exercise and sports participation for the development of healthy lifestyles that will promote wellness through the lifespan.
3. Provide a safe environment for learning positive life skills and the enjoyment of spare time in a sports experience.
4. Develop awareness of what constitutes maltreatment or abuse.

Download the Program Overview and the “Caution: Children @ Play” Code of Conduct for Parent/Spectator, Coach/Official, and Referee.

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Parent Education Video

Hollywood tough guy Ray Winstone shows his support for the English Football Association's Respect Campaign.


Current Parent Education Programs:

Responsible Parents Program

The Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports program is designed for parents across ALL sports and aims at providing helpful advice and useful resources that can be applied universally among youth athletes. As the parent of a youth athlete (pre-school through high school), you want the best for your child, on and off the field.

This website helps you help your children:

  • improve on-field performance
  • learn life lessons that sports uniquely can provide.

This site aims to provide you the resources, tools, and expert advice to help you and your family. But by all means, we don't think we have all of the answers. That's why this site also includes areas for you and fellow parents to exchange ideas and ask questions of other parents dealing with similar issues. Together as a community and with your help, we believe we can ensure a safe, positive, character-building youth sports experience for our kids.

Liberty Mutual and Positive Coaching Alliance see a world of good possible from youth and high school sports. For families to benefit fully, they should consider, discuss and process the experience together...and with the coaches in their lives.

Learn more by visiting the official Responsible Sports website and take the Responsible Sports Parents Quiz by clicking HERE

Give Us Back Our Game

Give us back our game

We are concerned that the beautiful game is in decline. Soccer for children is now very different from earlier generations when the only adult involvement was a call from your mom that your dinner was ready. Soccer is no longer beautiful for our kids anymore: it's ugly.

In a world where children can no longer play outside without supervision, parents and coaches have taken over. And the competitive drive adults bring to the game means youngsters no longer have time to fall in love with soccer, to play for fun and thus truly to develop their skills.

Today's children learn from the grown-ups . Without the freedom of the streets, their early experiences of soccer are organized, supervised and coached. They have no real say in what happens, and they don't have time to develop and learn.

The problem areas are:

  • No longer the children's game - it is controlled by adults
  • The same children on the bench or omitted every game
  • Coaches and parents screaming from the touchlines
  • Winning before fun and development
  • Not enough free play where children can solve their own problems
  • Children are not encouraged to express themselves
  • Children no longer learn about the spirit of the game for themselves

Visit the official 'give us back our game' website by clicking HERE    



US Youth Soccer Parents Resource Library

US Youth Soccer Positive Parenting DVD

Positive Parenting discusses the practice and game environment as well as the ride home, each from the perspective of the players, referees and coaches.

"Positive Parenting addresses positive behavior and supportive techniques to enhance the players' enjoyment of the game," said David Messersmith, president of US Youth Soccer. "The DVD is reasonably priced so it can be used by everyone and believe it to be an asset to those working with our youth players."

This presentation provides a unique blend of psychology/philosophy and interviews with children of various ages. This video provides insight on:

  • Why children play
  • Teaching sportsmanship by example
  • How to be supportive soccer parents
  • Developing vs. winning
  • Red cards for parents
  • Emotional needs of players
  • Keeping it all in perspective


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