Registrars' Corner

 NMYSA’S Registrars’ Corner provides information to League/Club registrars of recent NMYSA procedure/rule changes, software updates or changes and general notes of interest to League/Club registrars. For complete copies of NMYSA rules, bylaws or procedures, please visit the Bylaws and Rules page. 


January, 2016
USSF implements Concussion Initiatives!  As part of a class action law suit settlement, USSF has announced their Concussion Initiatives as part of their R2R program.  NMYSA has implemented the USSF recommendations which involve no heading in practices or games for players 10 years old and under and limited heading in practices for players between the ages of 11-13.  Players ages 11-13 may head the ball in games but can only practice heading no more then 30 minutes a week with only 15-20 headers per week per player.  For details on the USSF initiatives , please visit their website under, concussion initiatives.  Also, NMYSA has issued additional information concerning implementation of both the concussion initiatives and USSF player initiatives here.

July, 2015
USSF announces new Player Development Initiatives!  The USSF Player initiatives include small game standards and birth year registration.  Beginning 2016-2017, NMYSA will implement the new USSF initiatives which are mandated for all USSF members beginning with the 2017-2018 season.  For details, please visit USSF Player Initiatives link on the USSF site.

November, 2014
NMYSA's Concussion Policy is implemented!
  With the increased emphasis on concussion awareness in sports, NMYSA is pleased to announce that we have developed a concussion education platform for players, coaches and parents using the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "Heads Up" Concussion in Youth Sports program.  For more information on NMYSA's concussion policy please visit our concussion page on the NMYSA website.

October, 2013
Direct affiliation is now available through NMYSA.  NMYSA's board of directors approved affiliation for clubs and academies direct with NMYSA instead of through a league.  As such, organizations that don't run gaming schedules have a place to register their players.  Academy style teachings has been a long promoted method for developing players and is recommended by USYS/USSF.  For more information about Direct affiliation with NMYSA please click here.  For information on Academy training, visit our "Coaches Corner" on the NMYSA website.

May, 2012
NMYSA announces the implementation of new player/coach pass cards for 2012-2013.  The new USYSA player/coach pass card will allow registrars the ability to print ten passes per page and upload and print player/coach photos as well.  Players/coaches will not be required to sign the new pass.  This greener version of the USYSA pass card will help reduce paper waste and increase efficiencies.  For new pass card stock, please contact the State Office.

, 2011

USSF updates International Clearance procedure, USYSA changes National Championships Series rules and LeagueOne enhances player pass cards with photo upload ability:  There are new federation requirements for registering players who were born outside of the US.  Club pass rules are implemented for 2012 National Championship Series and LeagueOne now allows players/administrators to upload photos for player pass cards.  For more information, please click here.

September, 2010
LeagueOne enhancements, NMYSA Insurance and USYSA Soccer Month:
LeagueOne implements new customizable reports feature, new pass card options, email unsubscribe functionality and Scheduler program.  NMYSA and USYSA announce September as Youth Soccer Month and NMYSA has 2010-2011 insurance policy changes.  For more information, please click here.

February, 2010
The NMYSA Board of Directors vote and registration reminder for Competitive Teams: 
There has been a change to the NMYSA General Policies and Procedures concerning the minimum registration age.  NMYSA issued a statement concerning the minimum registration age that cautions League/Clubs about competitive play for the younger age groups.  Also, a registration reminder concerning competitive players was issue.  For more information, please click here.

November, 2009
LeagueOne enhancements, Region IV, US Youth Soccer and NMYSA Changes:  LeagueOne has implemented system enhancements for Event Rosters and has made the NMYSA Membership forms available through the team screens.  They have also made available a new scheduling, scoring and standings program.  Region IV has new guidelines concerning "proof of age" documents and a new "Interstate Permission" form.  US Youth Soccer has  made changes to their "Players and Playing Rules" for International Clearances and in the definition of a youth player.  Form more information, please click here.

March, 2009
Tournament Manual, Bylaw Changes and General Information: The NMYSA Board of Directors approved changes to the Tournament Manual with specific guideline to tournament credentialing.  The BOD also voted to change the Bylaws as they relate to officer/administrator job descriptions and term limits.  There is also information concerning the Participant Education Program, Membership forms, coaching course tracking, the NMYSA Annual General Meeting etc.  For more information, click here

November, 2008
Player Release and Transfers: The NMYSA Board of Directors approved a change to the Player Release and Transfer form.  The new form eliminates the District Commissioner signatory requirement and other redundancy.  You can access the new form on our website, "forms", or click here.

October, 2008
U17-U19 roster limits:  The NMYSA Board of Directors previously voted to increase the roster sizes for the U18 and U19 age groups.  Effective immediately, our Board of Directors has voted to increase the roster sizes for the U17 age groups as well.  No more that 18 of the rostered players may be on a game roster for any match.  See paragraph 3.05.04 of the General Procedures and Rules .

July, 2008
Ethical Conduct:  All NMYSA members with access to the LeagueOne data base must sign a "Standards of Ethical Conduct" form in order to gain access to the LeagueOne data base.  The notification memo from the NMYSA Risk Manager, Mark Paffett, and the "Standards of Ethical Conduct" form are available here.

February, 2008
In State Tournaments:  NMYSA's Board of Directors voted to change the requirements for participation in New Mexico sanctioned tournaments, scrimmages or friendlies.  The "New Mexico Travel Permission" form generated from the NMYSA e-travel system is not required for in state NMYSA sanctioned tournaments.  All that is required is a current valid NMYSA team roster, individual laminated player/coach pass cards, NMYSA's membership form (with medical release information) and any guest player permissions, if applicable.