US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships

riv-newlogo-86x150 Each year's US Youth Soccer New Mexico Open State Cup is the first step in the annual US Youth Soccer National Championship Series for New Mexico teams. The NM State Cup selects the best teams in 14 age/gender groups U-13 through U-19 (plus any wild card slots we may draw) to represent NM at the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships. For additional information on the annual Regional Championships, and for the latest results during the tournament, please see the Far West Regionals page of the Region IV web site.
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Upcoming Regional tournaments:
June 16-22, 2014:  New Mexico Youth Soccer Association, Bernalillo, NM.
June xx-xx, 2015:  Idaho Youth Soccer Association, Boise, ID

2014 New Mexico matches (when available)

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  • See all the Region IV Tournament news on the National Championship Series section of the US Youth Soccer National Championships web site.

NM opponents and results for 2014 Far West Regional Championships (TBA):

  • The 2014 NM Qualifiers and select wild card teams which will represent New Mexico at the 2014 US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships in Albuquerque, NM, on June 16-22, 2013, are listed below:
    • U-13 Boys:  TBD
    • U-13 Girls:  TBD
    • U-14 Boys:  TBD 
    • U-14 Girls:  TBD
    • U-15 Boys:  TBD 
    • U-15 Girls:  TBD 
    • U-16 Boys:  TBD
    • U-16 Girls:  TBD 
    • U-17 Boys:  TBD 
    • U-17 Girls:   TBD 
    • U-18 Boys:  TBD
    • U-18 Girls:   TBD 
    • U-19 Boys:   NM Rush Nike 95
    • U-19 Girls:   TBD
    • 2014 Far West Regionals wildcard matrix (TBA)