Travel/Guest Play



New Mexico Youth Soccer Guest Playing and Travel Authorization

Travel Authorization

Beginning with the 2018-2019 season, teams traveling to participate in tournaments within in the region and outside of the region will no longer be required to obtain Travel Authorization from your league/club or NMYSA.  Teams traveling must however bring the following documents with them to the tournament.

  1. NMYSA Approved roster for the current season.
  2. Individual laminated pass cards for each player/coach listed on the roster, (including guest players).  Pass cards must be for the current season and have on them the team name/information, seasonal year, player/coach name and for players, the VERIFIED birth date as required by Rule 204 of the US Youth Soccer Policy on Players and Playing Rules.  For coaches, a current NMYSA/US Youth Soccer pass card is evidence that they have completed the NMYSA risk management process.
  3. Membership/Medical Release forms for each player listed on your roster and for any guest player(s).

 Guest Players

Beginning with the 2018-2019 season, teams wishing to bring guest players to an event will no longer be required to complete an e-guest play form.  Instead, teams must follow the below process.  Please note, in all cases, coaches must obtain prior guest playing approval from the player’s current coach.  Failure to do so will result in sanctions against the borrowing coach.

  1. For NMYSA registered teams, only other NMYSA /US Youth registered players may guest play with the NMYSA team.  There is no cross-organization guest playing allowed.*
  2. For NMYSA registered guest players, simply add the name of the registered NMYSA guest player to the bottom of the roster, obtain the players current pass card and Membership/Medical Release form, (must bring with you for credentialing).
  3. For other US Youth registered guest players, complete the “Interstate Permission” form for guest playing and have both NMYSA and the registered/releasing State Association sign the “Interstate Permission” form.  You will need to take a copy of the form with you to the event for credentialing along with their current pass card and Medical Release form.  You will also need to add the guest player(s) name(s) to the bottom of your roster.

 Other Information

  1. This travel policy does not apply to teams participating in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series or the US Youth Soccer ODP program.
  2. For International travel sanctioning, please contact the NMYSA office as least 60 days prior to travel as USSF’s approval is required in order for us to sanction your team’s travel.
  3. The NMYSA Stack system allows club Registrars to generate travel rosters and authorizations if needed.

*  Players can register with NMYSA or any other league as a house player and will then be able to guest play with other NMYSA teams.


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