ODP for Rookies (FAQ's)

ODP for Rookies

This page is designed to give you insight into the process and goals of the US Youth Soccer New Mexico Olympic Development Program!

Along with a brief description of the program and its processes, we have collected a series of questions commonly asked by players, parents and coaches.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does it take to be successful in ODP?
Here’s an in depth look at what it takes:  

What is a Training and Identification Opportunity (TIO)?
TIO's are the first step in the ODP process. They are a way for players to receive high-level instruction from the ODP coaching staff and make the ODP pool for their respective age group. At a TIO players participate in a training session with the ODP staff coaches and then play small- and/or full-sided games. During this process, the ODP staff coaches instruct and evaluate the players and recommend those they feel should be invited to join the ODP pool.

Can we get a list of players who are in the pool?
The list of players who have been invited to join the pool will be put on the web page on the first week of November unless otherwise noted in your TIO Registration receipt.

What are ODP pool training sessions?
Selected players are placed in age group pools and participate in ODP pool training sessions. These training sessions are competitive environments where players may be challenged beyond their comfort zones. The pool participants are then pared down into teams. The teams travel to various events, including ODP Regional Camp where they can be selected to Regional pools and teams.

What is Regional Championships?
The Regional Championships for US Youth Soccer’s Olympic Development Program spotlights the future stars of United States soccer. State teams compete against one another at a location within Region IV to determine which teams are the best in the region. The winners, in some age groups, will compete for the right to be crowned US Youth Soccer ODP National Champion.

What is Regional Camp?
US Youth Soccer is divided into four regions, each which offers a regional camp for state association ODP teams in each eligible age group. The camps are designed to provide high level competition and training for participating players. During this training and competition, players who are capable of performing at a higher level of play are identified for possible national team camp, pool, or team participation.

Can we get a list of players going to camp?
The list of players going to camp will be put on the web page the first week of June. Because of the nature of this camp we do not know who will be going until camp fees are paid.

Is New Mexico sending a team or players to camp?
New Mexico when available sends teams to Regional camp. In this case we are unable to field a full team, at the discretion of the Technical Director, we will send individual players. Each team is assigned a regional staff coach and the teams train and play against other state teams. There may be an opportunity for players to be individually selected to an all-star or identification game throughout the week.

How are the players supervised at events and camp?
We will send a head coach and a team administrator for each team that attends. In the case of individuals going to camp we will send one adult for every ten players that attend. Administrators are parents of players selected by the ODP Director to attend. On top of supervision, they will have various administrative responsibilities, including washing uniforms, getting players to and from the various activities and maintaining medical release and insurance forms in case of an accident.

Do many parents who are not included in the travel party attend camp?
Parents are not encouraged to attend camp unless they are a member of the traveling party. Parents are not permitted in the dining or residential facilities at camp. Players walk to and from the fields within minutes of an activity or session.

What is the uniform for players at camp?
Players are provided a training t-shirt to be worn at camp. Players should bring all other ODP gear received from the New Mexico ODP.

What if we or our child is not prepared to go to camp this summer?
Players who are not prepared to go to camp should not go, especially those players in the youngest age group. Players need to be ready to be away from home. Players are expected to follow the regional player’s code of conduct. Not doing so could result in the player being sent home. The summer training is available only for those players attending camp. Players are not penalized in subsequent years for not attending camp.

What is a National Camp?
National Camps and Interregional events are held throughout the year at various locations in the United States. The National Team Coach or a National Staff Coach is present at these events to observe, train, and identify players for placement in the national pool or on a national team.

Can a YOP join ODP?
At the discretion of the ODP Director and New Mexico Technical Director, a player in YOP may be asked to join the ODP pool, however this is very rare.

Can a player tryout for an older age group?
No, unless a member of the US Soccer National Teams coaching staff specifically requests a member to the National pool. Each state association does have some flexibility at the younger age groups, but we have adopted a policy which makes it difficult to move a player up an age group.

Why is ODP on the calendar year when club is August 1 to July 31?
US Youth ODP follows the FIFA guidelines in regards to fielding Youth National Teams (e.g. U17, U20). US Youth Soccer adopted the August 1 - July 31 dates for defining a team to allow more players in the same grade to play on the same club team.

How do you determine the age group for US Youth ODP?
By the summer in which camp is held minus the birth year.

Have a question? Submit it to Josh Groves, Technical Director.

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