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** Updated YOP letter as of 1/22/14 **

Please click on the link below to see the list of players who are invited to 2013-2014 ODP Pool Training or YOP Pool Training. Players may be added to these lists as more players are scouted up until the first training, so please check back. 

If you see your name on the below list, please download and read the appropriate age-group invitation letter as it contains important information regarding pool training.  You must also log into your account and register and pay for the event as well.

** Only those who are registered outside of New Mexico will need to complete a Medical Release form and an Interstate Permission form.  Both need to be completed and mailed or emailed to our office before the first session.**

Birth years:

1997-2001 = ODP | 2002-2003 = YOP

 Step 1 - Check Lists Below for Player Name

ODP/YOP Pool Training Invites

Unregistered ODP/YOP Pool Training Invites*
Step 2 - If Player Name is on  List Above, Please Download Age-Group Letter

 1997 ODP Boys Letter   |   1997 ODP Girls Letter

1998 ODP Boys Letter   |   1998 ODP Girls Letter

1999 ODP Boys Letter   |   1999 ODP Girls Letter

2000 ODP Boys Letter   |   2000 ODP Girls Letter

2001 ODP Boys Letter   |   2001 ODP Girls Letter

2002 YOP Boys Letter   |   2002 YOP Girls Letter

2003 YOP Boys Letter   |   2003 YOP Girls Letter


Step 3 - Register for the ODP or YOP Pool Training via your eODP Account

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*Please register for an eODP account to participate.

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