Olympic Development Program (ODP) & Young Olympians Program (YOP)



 Objectives of the New Mexico ODP Program


  • To provide additional opportunities for top players in the state to train at an elite level, with other elite players and elite level coaches.
  • To provide elite players in New Mexico the opportunity to represent New Mexico in Regional Competition.
  • To provide the opportunity for players to be scouted by Regional staff and be selected to Regional Camp/Teams.
  • To provide additional opportunities to be seen by college coaches.


New Mexico ODP 2018-2019 Information

Phase 1: Identification 
Goal: To identify players for the training pool

Phase 2: Training Pool (2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007)
Goal: To Identify a roster to represent NM at ODP Regional Championships
Dates: October & December (minimum of 8 training sessions)
Birth Years: 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Boys & Girls
Cost: $125 (Includes Training pool sessions, Adidas training gear)
Eligibility: Invited players only - Players invited from Identification pool, players that were invited to ODP West Regional Camp in 2017-2018, ODP Head Coach recommendations

Upcoming Phase 2: Training Schedule (Subject to change) -
December Dates. Times to be confirmed 

   Sat 15th Dec  Sun 16th Dec Other Dec Dates 

 07B  x


 06G  x  
 06B  x
 05B x


 04G  x  
 04B  x  x  
 03B Dec 29th & 30th 
 02G  x  
 02B  x  Dec 29th

Phase 2: Training Pool (2002 & 2003 Birth Years)
Date: December 2018 (minimum of 8 training sessions)
Birth Years: 2002 & 2003 Boys & Girls
Cost: $125 (Includes Training pool sessions, Adidas training gear)
Eligibility: Invited players only - Players invited via Coach/DOC recommendations, ODP Recommendations.
Goal: To identify a roster to represent NM at ODP Regional Championships.

Phase 3: ODP Regional Championships
Date: January 4-7th, 2019 - Phoenix, Arizona
Birth Years: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Boys and Girls
Eligibility: Invited players only
Cost: $195 (Includes tournament entry fee, coaches expenses and Adidas Warm-up Jacket)

ODP Regional Championships 2019 Invites

 2007 Girls  2007 Boys
 2006 Girls  2006 Boys
 2005 Girls  2005 Boys
 2004 Girls  2004 Boys
 2003 Girls  2003 Boys
 2002 Girls  2002 Boys

Link to registration: www.nmysalive.net

The New Mexico Olympic Development Program is here to help players reach their full potential!

New Mexico ODP

The New Mexico Youth Soccer Association Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a player identification and development program. It provides age-eligible players an opportunity to represent New Mexico at the US Youth Soccer Region IV level and beyond. Player development provided at Olympic Development Program events is intended to complement training at the club level. The program is aimed at Elite level club players only. Once invited there is no cost for players to participate in ODP Pool training sessions.

New Mexico YOP

The Young Olympians Program (YOP) serves as an introduction to ODP. YOP caters to players in three age groups; players born up to two years below the youngest ODP age group as well as the same age of the youngest ODP age group. YOP training pools are trained by the ODP coaching staff in a competitive training environment with the emphasis on player development and evaluation. The YOP training sessions take place during the spring season and in the summer. The program is aimed at age eligible Elite level and High level competitive club players.

New Mexico PDP

The Player Development Program (PDP) provides opportunities for players of all levels to
receive supplemental technical and tactical training from ODP coaches. The program is aimed at any age eligible player registered with NMYSA.

Please use the links to right for further ODP, YOP and PDP information.

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 Identification Pool

Eligibility: NMYSA ODP must receive a coach or Director of Coaching recommendation for a player to be eligible to participate in the program.
Recommendations e-mailed to s.rothman@nmysa.net 

 Schedule and Locations

 Training Pool
Invite Only

Eligibility - Invited players only
Schedule and Locations:
October & December (minimum of 8 sessions)
(2004s, 2003 & 2002s will NOT train in 
October. December sessions only)

ODP Regional Championships
Invite Only
January 4-7, 2019 - 
Phoenix, AZ

Regional Championships - Recommended Hotel - Girls Boys
2018 Regional Championship Schedule

 Phase 4: ODP West Regional Camp
Camp Invitations are sent directly from Region IV






ODP Regional Camp
Selections and Information
Boys Invites
Girls Invites
Region IV Sub-Regional Events
Arizona Sub Regional Event May 29th-31st


Phase 5: National Team Pool/Camp

Region IV / National Team

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2018-2019 ODP Coaching Staff

ODP Policy Manual

Albuquerque Training - Hotel Recommendations
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