Olympic Development Program (ODP)

- Changes coming to the Olympic Development Program. Details will be posed soon.

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The New Mexico Olympic Development Program is here to help players reach their full potential!

New Mexico ODP
The New Mexico Youth Soccer Association Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a player identification and development program. It provides age-eligible players an opportunity to represent New Mexico at the US Youth Soccer Region IV level and beyond. Player development provided at Olympic Development Program events is intended to complement training at the club level.

New Mexico YOP
The Young Olympians Program (YOP) serves as an introduction to ODP. YOP caters to players born up to three years below the youngest ODP age group. YOP training pools are trained by the ODP coaching staff in a competitive training environment with the emphasis on player development and evaluation. The YOP training sessions take place over four weekends in March and April.


**ODP/YOP Training Pool Selection Process**
Step 1:
There are four options below to be considered for either the ODP or YOP State Pool:
     Option 1:

Register for and attend the one and only ODP/YOP TRYOUT by logging into your account, or create one if you don't have one.
At the tryout players play small- and/or full-sided games. During this process, the ODP head coach, Technical Director and Associate Technical Director/ODP Director will evaluate the players and recommend those they feel should be invited to join the ODP or YOP pool.

      Option 2:  A player may be scouted by an ODP head coach, Technical Director, or Associate Technical Director/ODP Director and be added to the State Pool at any time during the ODP season.

     Option 3: 
A player may be invited by an ODP head coach to attend an ODP training session to be utilized as a tryout.

     Option 4: 
A transitioning YOP player may be recommended to the ODP State Pool.

Step 2:
A link with the names of players who are invited to ODP and YOP training pools will be posted on our website under the Phase 2 section on the right hand side of this page.

Step 3:
If your name is on the invite list, please download and read the invitation letter, REGISTER for ODP or YOP training pool via your eODP account.

**You must register for all events
by logging into your
eODP account **

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PHASE 1: Open to all
- ODP/YOP Tryout -

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PHASE 2: Invitation Only
Olympic Development Program (ODP) &
Young Olympians Program (YOP)

ODP/YOP Pool Selections

ODP/YOP General Information

ODP & YOP Pool Training
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YOP Summer Training

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PHASE 3: Invitation Only
ODP Travel Team Selections

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