Neighborhood soccer in Trujillo, Peru

Soccer in Trujillo Peru
Neighborhood soccer in Trujillo, Peru

(an article submitted by Roberto Olivas, NMYSA Treasurer from 1996-98)

Prior to my time as Treasurer, Score® had sponsored the NMYSA-ODP program with uniforms. To my recollection, in late 1995, NMYSA switched to Nike as the provider of the ODP gear. Somehow I was left with a box of girls' shirts when I moved to Colorado in 1998. This winter (2008-09), while cleaning out the attic, the box of shirts resurfaced.

The church that I attend, Mountainview Community Christian Church, sponsors an extremely poor neighborhood in the slums of Trujillo, Peru. Trujillo is slightly less than a million people and is located about 500 miles north of Lima and about 500 miles south of the Equator. Our team in Trujillo works closely with the youth, unwed mothers, and the elderly. This April (2009) I had the opportunity of travelling to Trujillo and working with the youth of “our” neighborhood. These kids live and breathe soccer, or futbol, as they know it. On behalf of NMYSA, I donated this box of shirts to our director of sports in Trujillo. I can't begin to describe the joy in the kid's faces when the shirts were distributed to use in their first game (photo above).

By the way … next time someone complains about field conditions or lack of grass, you might consider sharing this picture with them.

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