CFO Position Description


General Information:

  • This is an elected volunteer position with New Mexico Youth Soccer Association.
  • There is no financial compensation.
  • Position is an NMYSA officer position with (1) vote on the NMYSA Executive Committee and NMYSA Board of Directors.
  • This position has a two year minimum term with term limits of (2) terms if re-elected after first term.

General Requirements:

  • Person elected to this position must be bondable by a reputable bonding agency.
  • Person must have a financial background/experience.
  • Person must be able to attend monthly Executive Committee and Board of Director’s meetings at a minimum and more meetings if necessary to perform duties.
  • Person must be able to attend check signing at the NMYSA State Office on a weekly basis.

Description of Duties:

  • Maintain the financial records of NMYSA in a form and manner acceptable to the Board of Directors of NMYSA and consistent with generally accepted accounting practices and so that they can be reviewed within 2 working days notice by any member of the Executive Committee.
  • Oversee the accounts of the NMYSA including receiving the bills and receipts of NMSYA, ensuring timely deposits of funds by State Office administration personnel, and recording and preparing expenses for review and payment approval by the Association.
  • Provide financial reporting and control of all NMYSA programs under his/her direction.
  • Prepare statements of financial affairs of the Association for presentation to the NMYSA Board of Directors at each regular Board meeting in a form and manner approved by NMYSA.
  • Inform volunteers and employees of NMYSA’s policies and procedures.
  • In concert with the State Office Administration, supervise the Office Petty Cash Account.
  • Oversee preparation of all papers pursuant to and maintenance of the Articles of Incorporation and tax-exempt status of NMYSA, including but not limited to annual tax reporting.
  • The program managers shall submit their proposed budgets to the CFO for inclusion into the annual budget. The CFO will then develop the annual budget in conjunction with the Budget Committee, Executive Director and State Staff for approval by the NMYSA Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for training of successor.
  • Oversee all financial reconciliations and make available all pertinent financial documents to an annual audit committee.
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