ODP 2008-09 Pool Training Begins


The 2008-2009 ODP season progressed into pool training the weekend of December 6 and 7, 2008, at the State Farm Soccer Complex in Albuquerque. More than 200 players from all four corners of New Mexico and beyond participated in this first of three pool training weekends.

The players, having either been selected through playing opportunities or been scouted into the pool, were trained in their respective age group pools by nationally licensed coaches from around the state. Each age group consists, on average, of 25 players. This environment, where the top 25 players from around the state are training in one group, provides a tremendous growing experience. The technical skill, speed of play, and decision-making levels are all much higher than what the players are used to in their home environment. Add to that the higher expectation levels placed on them by the ODP staff coaches and one can see how tough and beneficial this training is to push our best players to their highest potential. While benefiting from the training environment, the players are also vying for the chance to make event teams that represent New Mexico at interregional events, most notably regional camp, where players get a chance to make the regional pool and play in international events.
Congratulations are due to all these players for having made the state pool, and we are excited and honored in helping them continue their progress as soccer players!

Slide show from the Dec 08 pool training: